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Seal Your Vows In Stunning Style!!

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Custom Jewelry Toronto

Are you looking for a piece of jewellery for your loved ones?

Probably you are looking for something special that reminds you of or celebrates a special memory or belief. These are the reason why you should go for custom jewellery. Jewelry is the perfect accessory that adds an extra glint to your outfit. This could be for some special occasions like engagement ceremony, wedding or anniversary events.

Give a personal touch with customized jewelry designs at MIRA JEWELLERY. We at Mira Jewellery offer jewelry repair services like engraving, rings sizing, jewelry mounting, personalization and stone replacements and many more.

Our MISSION is to provide our customers with the ultimate custom jewellery experience through our latest designs and collections. Custom jewelry is the jewelry you get designed for you or for your loved ones, it is designed from the scratch and each design will be used only once. If you can’t find the jewellery of your choice then Custom Jewelry Toronto is the best option you have.

Custom jewelry is the ultimate way to create a unique and classic piece of jewelry of your choice and taste”.

People who would like to have an elegant, non-traditional piece of jewellery are having something more their jewellery shopping experience. Custom jewellery gives you an option to get your jewellery designed exactly the way you want.


Custom designing process can make your purchasing experience more pleasurable. Each order placed by you get assigned to our experienced jewellery designers who will be in your contact through the entire process.


We will begin custom designing process with a conversation by one of the recognised custom jewellery professionals who will carefully listen to your ideas and requirements. Also, we will provide you few sample of jewelry designs and support your design decision.

You may have a picture of jewelry you want to get customized, this can help you and designer in making the budget. You will get fine-tuned idea with a timeline.


After getting the design ideas you will have the opportunity to view and compare a unique selection of diamonds and gemstones. Our jewelry professionals choose conflict free diamonds and gemstone which are metals that can be 100% recycled whenever possible to create eco- friendly jewelry. Also, these diamond jewelry designs are good and can make your jewelry look elegant.


Once the design is completed you have to review the design. Once you have decided and finalized your jewelry design, we will create a 3D CAD model which can take 8-36 hours to complete. With this 3D CAD, you will have a good sense of what your jewelry piece will look like.

When you are assured that your design will look exactly what you envisioned, then this 3D CAD model is sent for the final review and then the design will process. If you have to make any changes in the design, this is the point where you can do it or make tweaks in the piece. If not, go ahead with the next step. Once you have approved 3D CAD then after a few days you will be invited to see the wax of your jewelry.


Once your jewelry design has been approved, then the wax model is set for casting. Based on your selection of metal and precious stones, our jewelry professionals will cast your piece of jewelry in metal form of your desire approximately after 4-5 days. We will be right there to assist you and bring your design come true.


This final step of the process includes adding textures and finishes. Before quality marking, we cross check all your requirements regarding jewelry design have been meticulously followed. A team of jewelers will put the finishing touch on your jewelry to make the true beauty come to your life.


You may love this part because after a long wait you are going to receive your beauty. You will pick up your finished piece and then warranty details and payment finalization will be done.

So, Are You Ready To Owe One of The Most Beautiful Custom Jewellery in Toronto?


Mira Jewellery is always there to fulfill your jewelry dreams. If you are looking for custom designed jewellery & affordable diamond engagement rings for any occasion then go nowhere than Mira Jewellery in the Mississauga & Toronto area. Contact us anytime @ +1 (647) 361 0692 for your jewelry need.

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